The Aboriginal Medical Service Cooperative in Redfern provides culturally appropriate health care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in central NSW. Our services are delivered and predominately managed by professional Aboriginal staff experienced with and sensitive to the needs of our community. The Aboriginal Medical Service is a multi-functional non-for-profit organisation that delivers a broad range of services and community programs.

Medical Clinic

– GP Consultations

– Immunisations

– Sexual Health Screening and Treatment

– 715 Health Check

  • Food Vouchers / stables bag (when available)
  • Assistance in funeral arrangements
  • Assistance with Legal Aid
  • Assistance with Centrelink, forms, support
  • Assistance and referrals for homeless
  • Assistance with Government organisations
  • Court support
  • Counselling and support
  • Domestic Violence support
  • Health promotion and advocacy
  • Liaise with probation and parole and prisoners
  • Liaise with patients for travelling arrangements for funerals
  • Liaise with Department Housing regarding clients
  • Personal women’s business
  • Patient transportation – for social work only
Practice Services:
  • Child / Maternal Health
  • Community Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Diabetes
  • Geriatrics
  • Indigenous Health
  • ENT / Audiology screening
  • Internal Medicine
  • Men’s Health
  • Sexual Health screening
  • Women’s Health
  • Drug & Alcohol services
  • Optometry screening (BHVI)
  • Social Work
  • All dental procedures
  • Dental check ups
  • Dentures Crowns & Bridges
  • Oral Hygiene Education

Contact Sydney Dental Hospital on (02) 9293 3333


Dental FAQs

Access to the dental clinic and services are for regular ongoing patients of the (AMS Redfern) medical clinic and priority is given to clients in our local zone area.

Please Note: By just registering with the medical clinic will not guarantee you an appointment with our dentist, you must be a regular patient of the medical clinic. Regular patients are: Patients who use the Aboriginal Medical Service (Redfern) Medical clinic 2 or more times a year.

  • Support services and referrals
  • Drug treatment programs
  • Rehab liaise
  • Health promotion
  • Psychiatric services
  • Adolescent and adult psychology services
  • Perinatal psychiatry services
  • Support and referrals

Our Public Health Unit runs multiple programs throughout the year. These programs aim to benefit all ages. We design specific programs and events throughout the year, for more information and to see which programs are running and when, please contact our Public Health department.

All program participants are required to complete AMS Health Checks (715’s) prior to attending programs, speak to one of the AMS staff about this.

  • Seasonal Youth surfing program
  • Health and fitness programs
  • KO Health challenge