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New AND Reactivating Patients:

To become a patient of AMS, we require the following:

  • A completed New Patient Registration Form
  • A completed Consent to Transfer Medical Records Form
  • Your Confirmation of Aboriginality
  • Your Medicare Card
  • Your Centrelink Healthcare or pension card (if applicable)
  • Your Department of Veterans Affairs card (if applicable)
  • A list of your current medication and allergies

If you have previously visited a different GP clinic you will need to transfer your medical records across to Aboriginal Medical Service Cooperative Ltd (AMS Redfern). This information will assist us in understanding your overall health, your existing conditions, medications and immunisation history. We will provide you with the documents to complete the transfer of records as part of your registration.

Please be aware that we require your medical record from your previous GP before we are able to offer you an appointment. Some GP clinics do not process these requests promptly, and it may take several weeks for your records to be sent to us.

Once your registration is complete, you will be offered an appointment with an Aboriginal Health Worker or Nurse for an overall check of your health which will then be reviewed by your GP*.

If you have an acute medical condition requiring urgent attention, we kindly ask you to visit your existing provider due to the time required for us to process your New Patient Registration.

Partners of Aboriginal Clients are also required to follow our registration process which includes completing an overall health check with a Health Worker or Nurse, which will then be reviewed by your GP.

*This is an MBS item715. Clients must be eligible to have this item number claimed during their initial visit with AMS Redfern.

How to register:

New (and reactivating) patients will need to register in person at AMS Redfern Reception (Level 1, 36 Turner Street Redfern).

Please arrive with any relevant documents and information to complete your registration forms (please see “what to bring”).

If you or someone you support has difficulties reading and/or writing, staff at AMS will be happy to assist in the registration process.

What to bring:

  • A Medicare Card
  • A Centrelink Healthcare or pension card (if applicable)
  • A Department of Veterans Affairs card (if applicable)
  • A list of your current medication and allergies
  • New patients will be required to bring a copy of their Confirmation of Aboriginality


We do not have dedicated patient parking on site however, street parking is available in the surrounding streets.

Public Transport

We are just a 5 minute walk from Redfern Train Station and there is a bus stop conveniently located at the front on Redfern Street.


AMS Redfern is a bulk billing medical service, Our service is dedicated to providing free health care for the community. If you require a referral to an external organisation fees may apply however, staff will discuss this with you if it is applicable.

Finding Us:

Enter through the main entrance located at 36 Turner Street Redfern