Dental & Specialist Clinics

  • Teeth examinations
  • Fillings & x-rays
  • Root canal treatments
  • Bridges and crowns (some costs apply)
  • Mouth guards/splints
  • Orthodontics and more
Accessing AMS Dental Services

Access to the dental clinic and services are for regular ongoing patients of the AMS Redfern medical clinic and priority is given to clients in our local area.

Regular patients are Patients who use the Aboriginal Medical Service (Redfern) Medical clinic 2 or more times a year.

What if I’m taking medications?

Clients are advised to eat and take all medications at the normal times prior to coming to the dentist including diabetic or heart medications (unless instructed by the dentist)

If you have been prescribed blood thinning medicines, or your medicines have been changed please tell the dentist as soon as you arrive.

What if I fail to attend an appointment?

  • If you fail to attend an appointment 2 times in a row, all future appointments will be cancelled
  • The current waiting time is 6 months so you will have to wait 6 months before any more appointments will be made
What if I’m sick or have the flu?

If you are sick or have the flu it is best not to come to your appointment but ring and let the dental staff know and they will rebook your appointment.

Children at the dental clinic

The dental clinic is a dangerous place for children to be unsupervised

  • Children under 10 years must come with an adult or relative
  • If you have several children but only 1 is attending the dentist it is best to get a relative or friend to mind them at home or if need be in the waiting room.
  • If it is you attending the dentist you must get a relative or friend to mind your children.

AMS Staff are not permitted to mind children. If you cannot have a friend or relative mind your children, your appointment may need to be postponed/re-booked at a later date.