Our History

The Aboriginal Medical Service in Redfern was established in 1971 and was the first Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service in Australia.

The AMS is a founding member of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (formally NAIHO 1974) and of the NSW Aboriginal Health Resource Committee 1984 (now known as the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW). NACCHO and the AHMRC are the national and state umbrella bodies respectively for Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services.

We strive to improve the quality and range of our services through community interaction and evaluation.

We recognise that the unacceptable state of Aboriginal health will never improve substantially while Aboriginal people are denied human rights and recognition of ownership of land.

We see health as: “Not just the physical well being of the individual but the social, emotional and cultural well being of the whole community, this is a whole-of-life view and also includes the cyclical concept of life-death-life” (National Aboriginal Health Strategy 1989)